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Superior Sandwiches for Corporate Catering, Office Catering and Location Catering, UK
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Superior Sandwiches for Corporate, Office and Location Catering across Cheshire, UK

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The best food is fresh food. That’s what we think at Superior Sandwiches.


That’s why we bake our own bread so it’s hot and fresh from the oven on the day you eat it. It’s also why our customers order the special of the week without even knowing what it is!


While you’re snoozing, our bakers have been up since four in the morning to bake all our fresh bread and rolls for the day ahead. Then they move on to ‘the naughty but nice’ – the cakes, homemade scones and cream doughnuts.


The best sandwiches made from the best bread also need the best fillings. So we cook our meats overnight then slowly cool them so that, next morning, they tickle your taste buds.

We also use the purest ingredient in our own recipes, made up in our own kitchen. We don’t buy in flavoured products and we don’t cut corners. Just sandwiches.


It takes more time and effort, but we think it’s worth it. You could even say, in a low, breathless voice: these aren’t ordinary sandwiches, these are superior sandwiches. Or perhaps we’re the crust you can trust.

Delivered to your door

Sandwich Deliveries across Liverpool, Warrington and Cheshire, UK


Our customers say we make the best sandwiches in the area, so we have an army of friendly, smartly uniformed drivers who deliver them freshly made that morning.


As part of our corporate, office, location and outside buffet catering service our fleet of delivery vans scoot around Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire packed with the best sandwiches this side of the Watford Gap. From oven to office in one morning. You can’t get fresher.


But it’s not all about sandwiches. If you’re really peckish, they also stock those ‘sweets and savouries’ – snacks and drinks that help you through your day.


Just get in touch with Superior Sandwiches, the leading caterers in Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire and we’ll sort out all your office, corporate and location catering requirements.

Wholesale – sandwich


Brands work together. They reflect each others’ values so it’s imperative to work with brands you trust.


Our absolute brand value is that of quality, because we think it’s important. And we deliver this quality to many large organisations that feel the same way.


We have the premises and processes to produce great food in large quantities, and we value wholesale partnerships with organisations who appreciate the mutual benefit that comes with a premium quality product.


If you would like to work with a food-to-go supplier that works to a high standard and not a discount level then get in touch, and we will be happy to explain the benefits of stocking our products.

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