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Often, people depend on caterers for their reputations. Our catering operations in Widnes, Cheshire are professional and dependable, with purpose-built premises close to major transport links. We deliver quality – of food, of service, of presentation – on a large scale.

This is why our clients include film stars, business leaders, Premiership footballers flying by private Learjet to their next match, and even members of the royal family who have our food served on royal crest-embossed plates.

Still, the more we talk to our clients, the more we find that people continue to raise their catering expectations. Food is no longer just a table in a corner with some nibbles. It’s essential to enjoying a party or impressing potential clients.

We understand the importance of presentation, and we believe the best food presented professionally is a winning combination. Today, it’s not just what’s in the box: the box is important too.

It’s also vital that the organisation behind it is impeccable. The logistics of wedding days and funerals can be equally as demanding and daunting so we can, and do, take care of everything.

We can do this because we bring the best of twenty years’ experience in high-street store operations to our catering. We believe now – and have always believed – that fresh is best, and we don’t cut corners. We use our own in-house bakery to bake the freshest bread, rolls and cakes, and our own recipes with the highest quality ingredients.

This quality has been recognised. In 2009 we were awarded the title of ‘EU Accredited supplier’ which has strict criteria that must be met upon regular inspections. Moreover, our premises were rated as ‘Excellent – Exceeding legal requirements’. As with our food, we go that extra step with our premises to ensure we deliver.
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Location Catering & Event Catering in Liverpool, Warrington & Cheshire

Events – parties, weddings, conferences – are getting bigger. As Cheshire's leading location catering company we can handle larger events such as open days or training seminars, and we even cater on the sets of soap operas and construction sites. No matter how ‘unusual’ you think your location or event might be, just ask us. Chances are we’ve done it before.


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